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Media & materials partners

Kagiso Digital

Kagiso Digital is at the forefront of online digital marketing in South Africa. Specialising in the incubation of new and innovative digital opportunities, as well as the maintenance of the group’s established digital brands, Kagiso Digital is passionate about its brands and excited about the space in which it does business.

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Biblionef is a dynamic book-donation agency based in Cape Town. Its major focus is to provide new books to needy schools and libraries throughout South Africa, with special emphasis on organisations in townships, informal settlements and remote rural areas. Biblionef is unique in that it provides new children’s books in all 11 official South African languages, as well as in Braille, large print and tactile formats for the visually impaired. For this, it commissions publishers to reprint and translate local stories to suit the needs of the children concerned.

The FunDza Literacy Trust

The FunDza Literacy Trust is a non-profit trust dedicated to growing educated, engaged and empowered young South Africans. Its programmes aim to boost literacy among teens and young adults by popularising reading, growing communities of readers and developing young writing talent. FunDza works with registered beneficiary organisations to get popular and exciting fiction into the hands of young people and thereby grow a love of reading.

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The Little Hands Trust

The Little Hands Trust helps to motivate and nurture reading and writing among children and their care-givers in Africa. We do this by supporting and promoting the development and use of children’s storybooks in South Africa and, where possible, in other parts of Africa too in African languages as well as English, French and Portuguese and Arabic. In support of Nal’ibali, the Little Hands Trust is co-publishing several books for babies and older children which will be donated through the Nal’ibali network of reading clubs.


PEN is a non-political organisation representing writers of the world, defending free expression and encourages literature. PEN lives by a strong PEN Charter, which champions the ideal of ‘One humanity living in peace in one world’. PEN South Africa is a branch of PEN International, which operates on all six continents through its 145 centres in more than 104 countries.

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Cambridge University Press

The African Branch of Cambridge University Press, based in Cape Town, is responsible for all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to its marketing responsibilities, the Branch is pursuing a wide range of publishing activities in East, West, Central and southern Africa, the main thrust of which is aimed at the school market.

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Jacana Media

Jacana Media has a reputation for publishing books that are entirely southern African in content, idiom, illustration and style. Jacana publishes books on a range of topics and genres, including reference books on South African history, geography and culture; award-winning illustrated children’s fiction; and challenging and current fiction for teenagers.

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Big School Enterprises

Big School Enterprises runs a Big School Adventure programme of activity that is designed to commemorate, celebrate and better equip children for their first year in primary school, and for the exciting journey of discovery and learning that goes with it in Grade One.

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South African Post Office

South African Post Office (SAPO) is the national postal service of South Africa. SAPO has outlets throughout the country and therefore has a presence in almost every single town and city in South Africa.


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