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the Three orphans

Once upon a time, there were three children who lived with their parents. These children were John (17), George (14) and Emily (9). They lived happily together because they had everything the wanted or needed . They lived in a 5 roomed house. One bedroomwas for their parents and one was for them. They were the most loved family in the neighbourhoodbecause they were the most caring one too. One day something terrible happened. Their parents had to go to Durban to see their grandmother (mother's mom) since she was very sick. On their way home they had an accident. They were sent to hospital immediately because they were very badly injured. They were in a comma until the children had to switch off the machines because there was no change in their conditions. The children were very depressed since they missed their parents. Many people attended the funeral and it was a huge ceremony. Their close friends were all sad. Even their family from Chicago came. As the time went , the money got smaller until it was finished. The children got hungry. There was little left. They only ate breakfast abd didnt have any food or money to buy food. They went to bed very hungry. Every night they prayed before going to sleep. They had to even ask for food at the neighbors. Since the neighbors cared;they gave what they can. But then the neighbors got tired of children begging non-stop. Then George had an idea." Why don't we go and look for food ourselves guys?" He asked. " You mean like go hunting?" Emily asked. "Yeah let's go hunting. It may be a good adventure", agreed John. So the children wentto the forest to hunt for food."It's getting late but we haven'tgot anything to eat yet", whined Emily."Yeah, I agree let's go home guys", agreed John."But we haven'tgot anything but going to bed hungry again",said George."Its better than being a meal to animals",said Emily. So the children went back home. When they arrived home , they noticed that the house was opened and thought that someone must have broken in. When they got inside , they found their stuff untouched but there was something on thevtable. It was a letter. "Lets see what it says", said John . "Bu-t wh-at if it's someone who wants to k-ill us?" Asked frightened Emily. "Let's seewhat it says before judging",said John. When they opened the letter , it said that the children must open their parents bedroom to see a surprise. When they opened the room, money started rolling out from the bedroom door. The children took the money and bought themselves food, clothes, and some snacks to celebrate.The children got their family's assets back and they used the money very wisely and they never got hungry again. THE END