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My little sister

I remember the day mom brought you home. I remember how cute and adorable you were and as I held you in my hands that day, millions of thoughts came into my mind. You had finally arrived into our family and things would never be the same again. You had finally come to take my position of being iphelo which is the last born of the family. But I did not mind. Not at all! Because I was so excited to have a sister. A beautiful and kind sister. We lived and I watched you grow very fast. I changed your nappies and I bathed you. I fed you and I played with you. You loved me and I loved you more, my little sister.

My little adorable sister, today you’re 8 years old and you keep on shining bright every day. Your voice is my melody and your smile brightens up my day. You call me every week when I’m at school just to say that you miss me. We’ve had our little fights because you don’t always listen, but that’s okay because after every fight we’ve had, we always kiss and make up. My little sister, you inspire me. You are the reason why I want to write stories and poems for young children like yourself and express my love every day.