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Rabbit’s good idea


Carole Bloch

Long ago, when rabbits and foxes were still friends, rabbits had fine long tails and short, little ears. One day Rabbit said to Fox, “Let’s go fishing”.

“Good idea”, said Fox, feeling hungry, “But what will we fish with?” asked Rabbit, because they had no fishing rod.

“Oh, you can just dangle your fine long tail in the water”, said Fox, “and when a fish nibbles, you’ll just swish it up onto the bank”.

“Good idea”, said Rabbit, and with that, the two friends went down to the river.

When they got there, Rabbit sat down and let his fine long tail dangle down into the water, and Fox sat beside him… and they waited. And waited.

“I’m tired of this”, said Fox. “Can’t you hurry up and catch a fish?”

Rabbit was just about to say that he was tired of this too and that Fox could take a turn fishing with his bushy tail when “OUCH” cried Rabbit. “Something has caught hold of my tail! Quick, Fox, have a look, it’s a big one. It’s pulling me into the water!”

Fox looked down, and what did he see? “That’s no fish, Rabbit, it’s Turtle at the end of your tail and you know what Turtle is like!”

Rabbit gasped. Turtle was not the type to let go. “Help me, dear fox. Pull hard or your friend is going to drown!”

So Fox did what any good friend would do. He grabbed hold of Rabbits short little ears and pulled, and tugged, and pulled with all his might. And as he pulled, Rabbit’s ears grew longer and longer. But Turtle, being Turtle, hung onto Rabbits tail, until finally…SNAP, the tail broke right off and Fox and Rabbit landed safely on the bank. From that day on, rabbits have a short little tail and a pair of fine long ears!