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Take a look at in-depth pieces and powerful narratives from some of South Africa's best literary minds and critical thinkers, as well as the latest Nal'ibali news and updates. 

Why join the Nal’ibali network?

By signing up to be a member of the Nal’ibali network you are showing your support for using the power of stories to inspire children to want to read and write.

Other benefits of registering with the Nal’ibali network include:

  • Access to our free newsletter with event updates, news round-ups, exclusive giveaways and even more storytelling and reading tips and ideas
  • Adding your comments to articles and blog posts on the website
  • Access to periodic eBooks about bringing books, reading and stories to life.

To join the Nal’ibali network, click here.

To register a Reading Club, click here.

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